Travelling This Summer? Quick Tips

Summer Travel Tips Insurance Windsor Essex On Taking the time to be prepared for a summer getaway can save you time, money and frustration. If you’re lucky enough to be planning a vacation, here are a few helpful tips for you:

  • Renting a car? Be sure to speak to your insurance professional to determine if you require the extra insurance offered by the rental agency.
  • Don’t post your travel plans or picture updates on social media sites. Wait to post your photos and adventures upon your return.
  • Ask a trusted neighbour or relative to pick up your mail and newspaper, take out and bring in trash and recycle while you’re away. It only takes a few days for a home to appear empty.
  • Hire a lawn service to maintain your yard. Not only will your home look well cared for, you’ll have less yard work to do upon your return.
  • Unplug computers and other devices before leaving in case of electrical surges.
  • Before leaving, the heating cooling experts at Fahrhall recommend setting your home’s thermostat to 76 – 78 degrees to keep humidity in the home low and the home cool enough for house plants.
  • Check that your sump pump is working and the battery backup is charged in event of a power outage.
  • If driving on your vacation getaway, have your car serviced well in advance of your departure date – just in case there is a serious problem, you’ll have time to fix it or make other arrangements.
  • If you’re travelling out of province, even the government of Ontario strongly recommends travel insurance – be sure your travel medical insurance is up to date.

We wish you many memories and safe travels – enjoy!

Summer Vacation? Tips for You and Your Home

Summer Travel Tips Gibb Insurance BrokersMany of us are lucky to be planning for a summer getaway!

Here are a few quick helpful tips:

  • Don’t post your travel plans or picture updates on social media sites
  • Ask a neighbour or relative to pick up your mail and newspaper while you’re away
  • Hire a lawn service to maintain your yard
  • Unplug computers and other devices
  • Before leaving, the heating cooling experts at Fahrhall recommend setting your home’s thermostat to 76 – 78 degrees to keep the humidity in check and cool enough for house plants
  • If driving, be sure to have your car serviced well in advance of your departure date – just in case something major comes up
  • If you’re traveling out of province, be sure your travel medical insurance is up to date

We wish you wonderful memories and safe travels – enjoy!

Summer Travel Plans? Yes, You Need Travel Insurance

Windsor Essex Travel Medical Insurance Gibb Insurance AmherstburgWindsor and Essex County residents are getting ready to hit the road this spring and summer. Day trips to the Detroit Zoo, Cedar Point or golfing… week-ends at a cabin in Michigan, camping, boating or fishing.

We’re ready to hit the road and enjoy the freedom of travel!

It’s important to know that when travelling out of our province, we are not covered by our health insurance.

You are strongly advised to purchase additional health insurance every time you leave Canada and ensure that the supplementary insurance you have purchased provides adequate coverage. – Ontario Ministry of Health

Even a day trip to the States can be financially devastating if a health emergency occurs. At Gibb Insurance we believe the more you prepare for an unlikely emergency, the less likely it will occur. For this reason, please call us for a quote for travel insurance today – 519-736-8228.

Travel Tips for Snowbirds

Travel Tips for Snowbirds Gibb Insurance BrokersFall is in the air and Snowbirds across Windsor and Essex County are starting to plan their extended winter getaways. These long term trips are what many of us look forward to in retirement, but the preparation can be quite stressful.

There’s an incredible organization to help Snowbirds travel with confidence – The Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA). Whether you’re travelling for a few weeks or for the entire winter, they have many resources to help make your trip easier.

The CSA offers support and advice on healthcare, documentation, duration advice, organizing finances, home security tips and more.

There are two factors we at Gibb Insurance Brokers would like you to consider while travelling for an extended time this winter:

Car Insurance

It’s very important to advise your insurance broker if you are spending an extended amount of time with your vehicle south of the border.  You do not want to find out after an accident that you are not fully covered, as some insurance companies have rules about being the U.S. for an extended period of time.

Another important consideration is increased liability coverage.  In general, Americans are more likely to proceed with a lawsuit and their courts generally deliver higher awards than Canadian courts.  Unfortunately, there also seems to be a bias in American courts against ‘foreign’ defendants, resulting in higher judgments against non-American defendants.

If you plan on leaving a Canadian registered vehicle in the U.S. for more than a year, you will require proper U.S. vehicle registration. Canadian auto insurance is not applicable on vehicles left in the U.S. for an ongoing basis, so you’ll need separate coverage from a U.S. based insurance broker.

Travel Medical Insurance

It’s so very important to fully understand your provincial health plan’s limits and your travel insurance’s benefits before purchasing travel medical insurance and leaving on vacation. The average cost of a medical emergency for Canadians in the U.S. is $26,000 while the cost of six months of insurance is typically less than $1000, so good coverage is an absolute necessary part of extended travel for seniors.

It’s also important to know your options for extending, cancelling or refunding travel medical insurance policies. Travel can be unpredictable; if you want to extend your trip, cancel or return early, you need insurance coverage that is flexible.

There are many options of travel medical coverage available, and it’s essential to be fully confident and informed. We advise sitting down with an experienced broker to discuss your options.

For more information on car or travel medical insurance for senior ‘Snowbirds’, please do not hesitate to call our office. We’d be pleased to help you. 519-736-8228.

Gibb Insurance – Protecting Your Summer Fun

Boat RV Motorcycle ATV Insurance Windsor Essex OntarioIf you’re ready to hit the open road on your motorcycle, launch your boat in the lake, pack up the family and go camping or explore trails on your ATV…

Be sure you’re insured!

You’ll better enjoy all that Windsor and Essex County has to offer, knowing that you, your family and your summer ‘toys’ are protected.

Please feel free to call us anytime for a quote at 519-736-8228, email or fill out our online form.

Insurance Tip

Helpful Insurance Tips by Gibb Insurance Amherstburg Ontario - Smoke detectorsInsurance tip of the day… Quick Vacation Advice

Are you planning on a vacation this winter? Are you currently basking on a beautiful beach?

Please, don’t share your vacation plans, photos or adventures online until you return. Social media and sharing your travel plans presents opportunities and quite literally opens the door for burglars.

When you post photos upon your safe return, everyone will still be envious of your getaway!

Traveling Abroad This Winter?

It’s the time of year when many of us in Windsor and Essex County are planning a warm weather getaway. Do you have travel insurance? Even a quick trip stateside can end up costing you thousands if you have a medical emergency.

Do I need travel insurance Windsor Essex County Travel InsuranceMYTH – My provincial health plan covers me when traveling, so I don’t need travel insurance.

FACT – Your provincial health plan does not fully cover you when travelling out of the province or outside of Canada.

FACT – If you’re sick or injured outside of Canada, your provincial insurance plan covers only about 7% of your possible expenses. Emergency dental treatments, prescription drugs, and ambulatory services are not covered at all while abroad.

A quote from the Government of Canada:

Do not rely on your provincial or territorial health plan to cover costs if you get sick or are injured while abroad. Out-of-country health care can be costly, and your health plan may not cover any medical expenses abroad. It is your responsibility to seek information from your provincial or territorial health authority and to obtain supplementary travel insurance and understand the terms of your policy.

MYTH – My employee health plan covers me for when traveling, so I don’t need travel insurance.

FACT – Employee benefits usually do not extend to travel. Carefully check your policy or contract your insurance provider.

Experiencing a medical emergency can be a scary life occurrence, but while on vacation it can result in a financial disaster. We can help you protect yourself and your family in the event of medical emergency – affordably. Please give us a call to discuss pricing and packages – 519-736-8228

Be Prepared – Car Emergency Kit

Having a cell phone makes many people feel safe while travelling. However, what if something happens and your cell has no signal or needs recharging? What if you’ve called for assistance, but due to poor road conditions or availability, help won’t arrive for a long time?

Car emergency kits are not a thing of the past – they are essential for every vehicle, especially in the winter months.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re prepared.

Please click here for a printable version – Gibb Insurance Brokers Emergency Car Kit

Gibb Insurance Brokers Emergency Car Kit


Be Certain Your Home is Safe While on Vacation

Protect your home from water damage while traveling Gibb Insurance Brokers Amherstburg OntarioGoing south for the winter? Is your home protected while you’re gone?

The sun, the beach, a cruise; picture a fabulous sun filled vacation. Now picture coming home and finding a burst water pipe has been pouring thousands of gallons of water throughout your home while you were gone!

How can this happen? Easily. An extremely cold day, common for Essex County, or even a furnace that decides to quit at the wrong time can cause the temperature in parts of your home to fall below freezing. When water freezes, it expands and this expansion can easily cause a copper pipe to crack or burst resulting in a massive amount of water being released. Even in the summer months the water line to a fridge with an ice-maker can let go. With no one checking on the house a torrent can go on for days causing huge amounts of damage and even mold.

Of course, the easiest and most sure fire way to avoid this situation is to shut off the water when you are going to be away for an extended period. Also, making sure your furnace is checked and serviced every year can help avoid this problem.

Many home insurance policies contain language that makes it mandatory for you to have a responsible person checking on your home if you are away. Before you go, call your insurance broker to make sure you are aware of any coverage restrictions. Most importantly, after everyone has visited the bathroom one last time before your road trip, turn off the main water valve and have a worry free vacation.