Dashcams and insurance questionsDashcams are becoming increasingly popular and more commonly used all types of drivers: from truckers and long-distance commuters to soccer moms.

What is a dashcam?

A dashcam is a video camera which costs $50 – $300. It’s mounted on the interior of a windshield and is hardwired into the car’s battery to turn on when the car is running. Some dashcams have the option of running while the car is off and parked. The dashcam records all travels and the digital files are easily reviewable.

Why do drivers invest in a dash cam?

Some feel an extra sense of security in the situation of an accident or emergency; they’ll have video evidence of what actually occurred, rather than relying on those involved or witnesses.

Other reasons for using a dashcam:

  • Record fraudulent “staged” accidents
  • Parents of young drivers can review driving habits
  • Record accidents or acts of theft or vandalism while parked (when enabled)
  • Document incidences of road rage
  • To have a record of road trips and to catch unexpected footage

While having a dash cam may provide a driver with peace of mind, they do not make you eligible for an insurance discount. Any dashcam footage obtained can be used to help the insurance claim process (ex: determining liability), but the claim still needs to go through the usual channels.

It’s also important to note that if dashcam footage is posted publicly on YouTube or other social media networks, there may be privacy implications.

Dashcams: What would you use it for?

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