Windshield Repair – Pay a Little Now or a Lot Later

We have all had it happen before, you are driving along and suddenly you hear that loud bang.  A stone has hit your windshield with, what sounds like, the force of a bullet and left a nasty little chip.  Stone chips and glass repair are all part of owning a vehicle and while these chips usually look minor they cannot be neglected and should never be ignored.

Minor stone chips are one of those things that are very easy to repair if attended to quickly but if you wait too long, that chip can turn into an expensive repair.  Chips grow into large cracks from all type of forces, the simple vibration of driving your car; taking the car through a car wash; even changes in temperature can cause them to become cracks.

Windshield chip repair advice Windsor Essex OntarioOnce that chip becomes a crack, the windshield cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.

Most insurers recognize that repairing chips early can lead to a huge savings if they prevent having to pay the cost to replace a windshield.  That is why most insurers will cover the cost of the repair without any cost to the vehicle owner.

By acting fast and repairing the chip the insurer and customer can both save a significant amount of money.  The repair may cost in the range of $150 while the cost to replace an entire windshield can run as high as $1,500 on some vehicles.  Fast action can save you from paying your deductible and save your insurer from paying the rest.

Another reason to act fast when you discover a crack is that a cracked windshield is also a safety hazard.  Most people don’t realize that your windshield makes up an important structural part of your vehicle.  It is also the only thing between your face and the next rock that may be flying at you at any time.

Be proactive and if you notice a chip, get it repaired right away.  You’ll save money, be safer in your vehicle, and only have to go through a minor repair job rather than a full replacement.