Welcome to Road Construction Season!

Drive safe in road construction adviceWhile most of us are looking forward to warmer weather, the warmer weather also means that road crews will be out improving our travel routes.

We would like to remind all drivers to slow down, drive with caution, increased awareness and share the road with work crews.

  • Observe the lower speed limit.
  • Watch for workers and obey their directives.
  • Merge when appropriate and be a courteous driver.
  • Leave earlier, assuming delays, to allow for ample time for you to arrive at your destination.
  • Be aware of uneven road surfaces and changes in traffic patterns
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, as sudden stops are common in construction zones.

Remember, speeding fines are doubled in construction zones when workers are present and may also result in demerit points; both which affect your insurance premiums.

Drive safe!


Enjoy Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl is a yearly tradition for those not only in North America, but across the world.

We plan the menu, craft the cocktails and send the invites… but be certain to include a safe way home for your guests.

Keep it simple, all you really need for a super Sunday is…

Safe Super Bowl Gibb Insurance

Please don’t drink and drive.

Could You Make This Potentially Life Saving Change?

Motorcycle Insurance Windsor Essex County OnDo you remember when you first received your driver’s license? Likely you drove hyper-aware of your surroundings at all times.

Over the years, driving becomes such an ingrained habit. After a few years of experience, we become less focused and spend our driving time making mental lists, singing along with the radio or chatting on our hands-free device.

How many times have your cruised right past the turn you were supposed to take and missed it because it wasn’t part of your daily driving routine? It happens when driving becomes a routine habit.

This year across Windsor – Essex and all of Ontario, there have been far too many motorcycle accidents and fatalities – devastating families and ruining lives.

If you could save a life, just by “thinking”… would you? 

When on the road today, start to develop the habit of “thinking of motorcycles first” every time you:

  • Approach an intersection
  • Are in an area of heavy traffic
  • Change lanes
  • Use the turn signal

Thinking of motorcycles first for just a few moments during your drive could potentially save a life and a lifetime of regret – so easy to do and worthy of becoming a habit.

Drive safe.

Fighting Drug-Impaired Driving

drug impaired driving Windsor Essex OntarioDespite increased awareness and education, drug-impaired driving is still on the rise.

Statistics Canada show that the number of people charged with drug-impaired driving in Canada rose from 183 in 2008 to 1,159 in 2013.*

Of great concern is the lack of social stigma associated with drug-impaired driving, particularly with young drivers.

Survey data from a 2013 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health report showed that, among young Ontario drivers in grades 10 – 12, 4% per cent admitted to driving after drinking alcohol and a shocking 9.7% drove after smoking cannabis.

The biggest challenged faced by law enforcement when fighting drug-impaired driving is accurate roadside testing.

With alcohol, field sobriety test and a roadside breathalyzer can be administered to quickly determine intoxication. For drugs, considerations must include:

  • Drug recognition evaluation (roadside test)
  • What kind of drug
  • At what level is deemed to be impairment

Currently the only accurate measure of drug impairment is blood alcohol analysis, which cannot be administered roadside. Due to the complications of testing, some groups feel that many impaired drivers weren’t tested unless involved in an accident.

What can be done?

The Canadian Society of Forensic Science’s Drugs and Driving Committee is conducting a study for oral fluid level testing to determine feasibility with roadside testing.

Britain is a leader in the battle against impaired driving. It has legislated 16 drugs and their corresponding levels constituting impairment, and roadside testing will soon begin.

For these options to be adopted by Canada, it would require amendments in the Criminal Code.

Impaired driving, whether alcohol or drug related, is entirely preventable. Please do your part and speak with loved ones about the dangers and implications of impaired driving.

How do you feel about roadside testing of oral fluids for the fight against drug-impaired driving?

Have a further comment or consideration? Please leave your comment below.

To learn more about drug-impaired driving, please visit the MADD website.


A New Season Equals New Driving Challenges

Drive safe Windsor Essex - Gibb Insurance Brokers Inc.With the change from summer to fall comes new driving challenges for everyone in Windsor and Essex County.

Please take a few minutes to be aware of the changes the new fall season brings and share these reminders with young or inexperienced drivers.

  • Fog – Warm daytime temperatures and cool evenings often result in foggy mornings. Be sure to allow for extra time during foggy conditions.
  • Farm Equipment – Harvest season is upon us across Essex County. Slow down and give the farmers the room necessary for them to operate their machinery safely.
  • Wildlife – With the cooler temps, wildlife is on the move. Take extra caution while driving in the evening and early morning hours.
  • Children – Whether getting off the bus, or out enjoying the last of the warm weather; children are more distracted than ever with their use of mobile devices and headphones.

Regardless of the time of year, please continue to drive with patience and caution, as only we as drivers can prevent avoidable accidents.

Thank you.

Farm Equipment Road Safety Reminders

Farm Equipment Road Safety Essex CountyIt’s that time of year when all across Essex County farm equipment is being moved from farm to field to plow, sow and fertilize. When approaching farm equipment, it’s important to be alert, slow down and keep your distance. Here are some reminders:

  • Be aware of farm equipment when negotiating hills, corners and blind spots.
  • Be careful in the early morning or late evening hours as not all farm equipment is equipped with adequate lights, and they might be difficult to see.

Farm Equipment Road Safety Essex CountyBe extra careful when passing farm equipment:

  • Before passing look for indicators – Sometimes tractors aren’t equipped with turn signals, so check to see if the farmer is using his arm to signal his intention to turn.
  • It can be difficult to see around tractors and hard to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles – It’s best to err on the side of caution and wait until the passing lane is completely clear.
  • Check the shoulder in the distance – Often farm equipment is wider than one lane and they travel on the shoulder – often having to move for hydro poles, narrow bridges or soft shoulders, which may cause them to move slightly into the passing lane.
  • Check your review mirror before passing – If you’ve already slowed down behind a tractor, you need to ensure that a car is not speeding up behind you with the intention to pass you both.

Most of all – be patient. Sometimes the operator is not able to move over. Farmer’s jobs are important, necessary and an essential component to life in Essex County.

Reminder: Share the Road

Ways motorists can improve bicycle safety:

  • Practice safe driving - be aware of cyclists Gibb Insurance BrokersRespect bicyclists as legal road users with the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Drive courteously and with tolerance. That cyclist is your neighbor and you are sharing the same road.
  • Obey the posted speed limit, and don’t drive too fast for conditions.
  • Come to a complete stop at each stop sign and red light.
  • Check over your shoulder, and always check your blind spot. A bicyclist could be there.
  • Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the bicycle in front of you.
  • Use low-beam headlights when driving in low-visibility conditions.
  • Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists in and entering crosswalks.
  • If you plan to turn right or pull into a parking space shortly ahead of a bicycle in front of you, do not pass.
  • Signal all turns and lane changes 30 meters (100 feet) in advance.
  • Pass bicyclists only it is safe to do so. Exercise patience.

This is an excerpt from Share the Road Cycling Coalition, for more information on safe driving and cycling practices, please visit their website.

Drive Safe – Watch for Road Crews

Drive safe this spring - Gibb InsuranceRoad crews are out everywhere on Windsor and Essex County roads, working hard to repair the damage done over the harsh winter. Slow moving shoulder graders, pothole, maintenance and construction crews can be seen on our local roads everyday this spring.

Slow down when approaching these workers, always obey the flag person and pass with caution.

Drive safe Windsor – Essex!

Car Safety Reminder

Check your headrest to help avoid injuryOne of the oldest and most often overlooked features of your vehicle’s safety system is the headrest.

If you are involved in a rear end collision, the headrest provides the support necessary to help prevent serious neck injuries. Conversely, if the headrest is not in the proper location for the vehicle’s occupants, serious injury can result.

The middle of the headrest should align with the top of your ears and be 2 – 4 inches behind your head.

If you share vehicles or are in someone else’s car, always move the headrest to best suit you. Check that your passenger’s headrests are in the proper location for them, and don’t forget about those in the backseat.

Please share this important tip with young or inexperienced drivers. This simple safety precaution can go a long way to preventing unnecessary injury to you or your loved ones.