Teens and Impaired Driving

Teens and Impaired driving Windsor Amherstburg EssexDespite widespread increases in education and awareness, the incidences of teens driving while under the effects of drugs and/or alcohol have increased in recent years.

Also disturbing to note is that research conducted by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) revealed an increase in fatally injured drivers aged 16 – 19 testing positive for drug use. Cannabis is the most common drug found in the systems of fatally injured teen drivers, and males account for a higher total of fatal accidents.

Sit down with your teen today to discuss the importance of driving alcohol and drug free. Make sure they understand the dangers of impaired driving.

Take their commitment a step further and have your teen sign our Parent – Teen Driving Contract.

The mission of the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) is to reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries. TIRF is a national, independent, charitable road safety research institute established in 1964. For more detailed information, please download their research and findings by clicking here.

Young Drivers – Insurance Advice and Tips

Young Driver Insurance Advice and Tips Gibb Insurance BrokersPerhaps the most difficult conversation that I have with clients is regarding the subject of young drivers.  Unfortunately, young drivers represent an incredible risk for insurance companies and as a result, they are charged an incredibly high premium.

To understand why young drivers are so risky and thus so expensive we have to look at the fact that as a group they are the most likely drivers to have an accident due to their lack of experience.  This lack of experience is compounded with the fact that if they are injured in an accident and cannot work, their insurance company could end up having to pay disability payments to them for the next 50 years.  A huge expense.

Perhaps the single best way to save money on your young driver’s insurance is to have them complete a young driver training course.  Most insurance companies will give the young driver the equivalent of three years of driving experience credit if they successfully complete a young driver course and this could add up to a savings of 3 to 5 times the cost of the course.  A good point to remember is that all driver training courses are not equal; make sure you choose a company that is registered with the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Transportation.  If you choose a company that is not qualified their course may not be recognized by your insurer.

Another way to save money on your young driver is to add them on your policy as soon as they get their G1 (or beginners) licence.  Insurers usually do not charge extra for adding a G1 driver and they will start developing an insurance history right away.  By the time your G1 driver gets their G2, they already have 8 to 12 months of experience on their record.

When you are adding a young driver to your car insurance policy – you have to shop around; any time you have a major change in your risk profile you need to ensure you are still with the ‘right’ insurance company.  There can be massive differences in the rates that different carriers will charge for a young driver and your insurance broker should be able to help you shop around for your best rate.

Finally, although it won’t lower your insurance premiums, it’s a great idea to have your teen sign our Parent – Teen Driving Contract. It will help them understand the seriousness and responsibility of their new freedom, and help with your peace of mind.

If you have any questions about your young driver, please feel free to give us a call at 519-736-8228.


The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Drive Safe Windsor Essex County Gibb InsuranceWhat is the best gift a young driver can give to their mom on Mother’s Day?

Yes, flowers and a nice brunch would be lovely, but what about peace of mind?

Give mom the ultimate gift: Have your young drivers commit to safe driving – print and sign our Parent – Teen Driving Contract.

Commit to Distraction – Free Driving

Drive Distraction Free - Gibb Insurance Brokers Amherstburg Windsor Essex OntarioIf you chose to run in flip flops and learned you’re four times more likely to fall on your face, you probably wouldn’t. Well, it’s a fact, drivers who use cell phones are four times more likely to be in a collision than a driver who is focused on the road.

In the first 9 months of 2013 there were 47 deaths on Ontario highways relating to drivers who were distracted. The notable and sad fact is that all these deaths were preventable.

The OPP estimate that distracted driving accounts for 30-50% of all vehicular collisions – again completely preventable.

Despite public awareness campaigns and police targeting distracted drivers, the number of people engaging in distracted driving continues to rise.

It’s time to take a stand. Commit to safe, focused driving. Sign our Distraction Free Driving Contract today.

Parent – Teen Driving Contract

Parent Teen Driving Contract Drive Safely - Gibb Insurance Brokers IncWhen a teen receives their drivers’ license and are itching to hit the open road, it’s time for parents to talk about responsibilities and safety.

Here’s a link to download our Gibb Insurance – Parent – Teen Driving Contract.

We feel that this contract will help open the lines of communication and assist in helping young drivers make good decisions.

If you have a new or upcoming young driver, please give us a call for a quote, 519-736-2882.