Travelling This Summer? Quick Tips

Summer Travel Tips Insurance Windsor Essex On Taking the time to be prepared for a summer getaway can save you time, money and frustration. If you’re lucky enough to be planning a vacation, here are a few helpful tips for you:

  • Renting a car? Be sure to speak to your insurance professional to determine if you require the extra insurance offered by the rental agency.
  • Don’t post your travel plans or picture updates on social media sites. Wait to post your photos and adventures upon your return.
  • Ask a trusted neighbour or relative to pick up your mail and newspaper, take out and bring in trash and recycle while you’re away. It only takes a few days for a home to appear empty.
  • Hire a lawn service to maintain your yard. Not only will your home look well cared for, you’ll have less yard work to do upon your return.
  • Unplug computers and other devices before leaving in case of electrical surges.
  • Before leaving, the heating cooling experts at Fahrhall recommend setting your home’s thermostat to 76 – 78 degrees to keep humidity in the home low and the home cool enough for house plants.
  • Check that your sump pump is working and the battery backup is charged in event of a power outage.
  • If driving on your vacation getaway, have your car serviced well in advance of your departure date – just in case there is a serious problem, you’ll have time to fix it or make other arrangements.
  • If you’re travelling out of province, even the government of Ontario strongly recommends travel insurance – be sure your travel medical insurance is up to date.

We wish you many memories and safe travels – enjoy!

Quick Travel Tip

Quick travel tips by Gibb Insurance Brokers Amherstburg OntarioWhen travelling keeping your travel documents organized can be a challenge. With many paperless options today such as a smart phone app which you scan as your flight boarding pass, car rental and hotel confirmations via email; travel today often relies on your smart phone.

But what if you can’t find the email? What if you can’t get an internet connection when you need to access these documents? What if you misplace the traditional paper confirmations?

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Immediately print a paper version of all travel confirmations and while travelling keep this paperwork with your passport.
  • Take ‘screen capture’ shots with your smart phone of all your email correspondence regarding hotel, car and flight confirmations. That way if you misplace your travel documents or are unable to access your email, you’ll have the images saved in your smart phone’s camera.

Taking a little extra time to be redundant with your travel plans can save you time and help you avoid stressful travel situations.

Also – always remember when travelling outside of Ontario to have travel medical insurance. Even the Government of Ontario strongly recommends this supplemental insurance. Print a blank copy of the claim form with related phone numbers with your travel documents (it may need to be signed by the doctor your see out of province), and save a copy in your email to be accessed if needed.

Need a quote on travel medical insurance options? We’d be pleased to help you find the right coverage at a price you can afford – please give us a call 519-736-8228 or send us an email:

Summer Travel Plans? Yes, You Need Travel Insurance

Windsor Essex Travel Medical Insurance Gibb Insurance AmherstburgWindsor and Essex County residents are getting ready to hit the road this spring and summer. Day trips to the Detroit Zoo, Cedar Point or golfing… week-ends at a cabin in Michigan, camping, boating or fishing.

We’re ready to hit the road and enjoy the freedom of travel!

It’s important to know that when travelling out of our province, we are not covered by our health insurance.

You are strongly advised to purchase additional health insurance every time you leave Canada and ensure that the supplementary insurance you have purchased provides adequate coverage. – Ontario Ministry of Health

Even a day trip to the States can be financially devastating if a health emergency occurs. At Gibb Insurance we believe the more you prepare for an unlikely emergency, the less likely it will occur. For this reason, please call us for a quote for travel insurance today – 519-736-8228.

Hotel Safety Reminders and Tips

Hotel safety tips and reminders Gibb Insurance BrokersMany lucky people are booking a warm weather getaway to escape the cold that has descended upon us in Windsor and Essex County. Before you book your hotel, please review our safety reminders and tips.

Before you book

Booking the hotel

  • Request that your room is not on the first floor. First floor rooms in general are easier to access than higher up floors.
  • If you’re staying in a motel, request that your room is in view of the check-in lobby.

Before you go

  • Make a short video of everything you’re bringing on trip.
  • Bring just the basics – Ask yourself if you really need to bring expensive jewelry.

Checking in

  • Ask the desk clerk to write the number of room down and paper, rather than saying it aloud.
  • Don’t flaunt cash, credit cards or valuables.
  • Park in a well-lit area, in view of your room and remove all visible valuables from your vehicle.
  • Ask the desk clerk or concierge of dangerous nearby areas to avoid.
  • Instruct the staff to not give out your name, room number or extra keys to anyone.

At the hotel

  • Review the in-room safety placard and familiarize yourself and family with alternate exits in case of fire.
  • Always keep your door locked and the safety latch engaged. Double check that the windows and adjoining doors are locked.
  • Keep your valuables in the in-room safe. If your room doesn’t have a safe, ask if your valuables can be stored in the hotel safe.
  • Never leave children or pets unattended in any area of the hotel at any time.
  • Always use the peep hole when someone is at the door, and never open the door to a stranger. Always call the front desk to confirm that it is indeed a hotel staff member at your door.
  • When leaving your room, put up the ‘do not disturb’ sign.
  • If possible, board elevators last when you feel comfortable with the appearance of all the passengers. Always select your floor number last. If at any time you feel unsafe, exit immediately.

We all want a relaxing, carefree time away. A little prevention and precaution can go a long way to creating a happy and memorable vacation. Please share these hotel safety tips with young or inexperienced travelers… and enjoy your time away!

Yes, You Need Travel Medical Insurance

Yes you need travel medical insurance Gibb Insurance AmherstburgThere is a lot of confusion regarding Ontarian’s medical coverage when travelling abroad. It’s the time of year when many of us in Windsor and Essex County take vacations or day trips to our American neighbours.

A shopping trip, a visit to Cedar Point, going to a Tigers game or golfing stateside could become a financially disastrous outing if you are injured or require medical attention.

Here are some facts from the Ontario Ministry of Health:

OHIP will pay very limited amounts for physician services and hospital/health facility services, and only if certain conditions are satisfied.  You are entitled to very limited funding for a certain range of medical services when you are travelling outside of Canada.

You are strongly advised to purchase additional health insurance every time you leave Canada to cover any expenses in excess of the limited funding provided by OHIP.

Click here to tweetTravel medical insurance can be obtained for a very reasonable cost. It’s not worth the risk to travel outside of Ontario without the extra insurance. 

If you’d like more information, please feel free to call our office: 519-736-8228.


Traveling Abroad This Winter?

It’s the time of year when many of us in Windsor and Essex County are planning a warm weather getaway. Do you have travel insurance? Even a quick trip stateside can end up costing you thousands if you have a medical emergency.

Do I need travel insurance Windsor Essex County Travel InsuranceMYTH – My provincial health plan covers me when traveling, so I don’t need travel insurance.

FACT – Your provincial health plan does not fully cover you when travelling out of the province or outside of Canada.

FACT – If you’re sick or injured outside of Canada, your provincial insurance plan covers only about 7% of your possible expenses. Emergency dental treatments, prescription drugs, and ambulatory services are not covered at all while abroad.

A quote from the Government of Canada:

Do not rely on your provincial or territorial health plan to cover costs if you get sick or are injured while abroad. Out-of-country health care can be costly, and your health plan may not cover any medical expenses abroad. It is your responsibility to seek information from your provincial or territorial health authority and to obtain supplementary travel insurance and understand the terms of your policy.

MYTH – My employee health plan covers me for when traveling, so I don’t need travel insurance.

FACT – Employee benefits usually do not extend to travel. Carefully check your policy or contract your insurance provider.

Experiencing a medical emergency can be a scary life occurrence, but while on vacation it can result in a financial disaster. We can help you protect yourself and your family in the event of medical emergency – affordably. Please give us a call to discuss pricing and packages – 519-736-8228