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Who needs Drone Insurance?

According to Transport Canada, anyone who uses a drone for commercial purposes is legally required to have commercial general liability insurance; and your standard commercial insurance policy does not usually include coverage for the use of drones.

Why do you need Drone Insurance?

If fines and penalties from Transport Canada are not enough reason then think about the time and money involved if you had to defend yourself in a lawsuit that could arise if someone was injured by your drone. Even the best operator could injure a by-stander or damage a building or vehicle if the drone was involved in an accident.

What type of coverage is available?

  • Loss or Damage to the drone – drones can range in value from a couple of thousand dollars up to a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Let Gibb Insurance arrange protection for your investment in case of accident, theft, or vandalism. Coverage can also include protection for your associated parts, accessories, and controllers.
  • Liability for damage to property – packages include coverage in the event your drone causes damage to a vehicle, a building, or even commercial equipment that may get damaged
  • Liability for bodily injury – even a small drone could cause serious injury if it hits someone. The cost of defending yourself against a claim could cripple your business or even ruin it. Liability for injury is designed to protect you in the event that the worst has happened.
  • Invasion of privacy protection – optional coverage can be added to your policy in the event you or an employee is accused of invading someone’s privacy with your drone. Defending your business from this type of accusation can be a very expensive problem.

Commercial Drone Insurance is easy, efficient and more economical than you think.

With a simple application, quick quote turnaround and basic coverage that starts as low as $380 per year, getting a quote from the drone experts at Gibb Insurance is quick and easy. Coverage is also available without having to purchase an expensive base policy for new or small businesses.

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While there is no requirement to have other policies with Gibb Insurance, we have the ability to handle all of your commercial and personal insurance needs all under one roof. Let are expert team review your current insurance policies to see if we can find you some savings or even better coverage.

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