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 Tax Preparer
Welcome to the Tax Preparers Professional Liability E&O insurance program, underwritten by Liberty International Underwriters. This insurance program was specifically designed to provide Tax Preparers with a comprehensive E&O policy at an affordable rate. Optional bookkeeping coverage can also be added to this policy if required.

Why do I need professional liability insurance for my office?

If you're a professional tax preparer, you've played an important role in helping your clients come to grasp their tax obligations. That's the kind of service everyone needs, but it's also a service that can expose the average tax preparer to a lawsuit over their handling of highly sensitive information. Additionally, should a client find themselves in trouble for the way they've handled their tax obligations, their tax preparer -- in other words, you -- could be subject to litigation.

Professional Liability Insurance is Easy as 1-2-3

1. Compare - Put our liability insurance brokers to work for you. Gibb Insurance Brokers represents over 45 insurance companies across Canada that specializes in insurance for offices, business and professionals.

2. Purchase - Gibb Insurance Brokers makes buying professional liability insurance quick and easy. Selected the right quote for you and your policy will be completed and confirmation printed online.

3. Manage - We don’t just buy your policy and walk away. The Gibb Insurance Brokers difference lets you continually manage your insurance needs. Once logged back into your secure online profile, we make it easy to view your personal details, make changes to your policy or even make a claim online or through a toll-free number.

That's why it's so crucial that tax preparers acquire their own form of E&O insurance, which can extend general liability insurance and guard tax professionals against the consequences of a serious lawsuit. It's worth remembering that general liability insurance will only insure a tax preparer for damages to the body and property of others, which could leave one exposed in important ways. In essence, if you have general liability insurance but not E&O insurance, you could be sued by one of your clients, thereby putting your business -- and by extension, your family -- at serious risk.

Professional liability E&O insurance with Gibb Insurance Brokers can provide you with the insurance coverage that your tax preparation business requires. And it can be customized to your specific professional situation, with premiums reflecting the kinds of services you're providing now and what you plan to provide in the future.

Apply on the Phone

To apply for your E&O insurance policy over the phone please use the contact information below:
Phone - (844) 390-8228 or 519-736-8228

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