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Are You Prepared For a Power Outage?

Are You Prepared For a Power Outage?
What if you didn’t have power for one, two or even three days? With the hot, steamy and sometimes unpredictable heat of the summer upon us, it’s a good time to review your preparedness.

Useful items:  
  • A home phone that is not portable that can be used without electricity. Also consider purchasing car chargers for your cell phones.  
  • A battery operated or ‘crank’ radio and flashlights. Flashlights and battery operated lanterns are much safer than candles. 
  • ‘Ready to eat’ foods and a non-electric can opener. 
  • Keep extra bottled water handy.  
  • An alternate cooking source such as a camp stove, just remember to never use it indoors.  
  • Books and non-electric games will help you and your family stay entertained.
Helpful tips: 
  • Unplug ‘surge sensitive’ electronic items - like computers and televisions.  
  • Try not to open your refrigerator or freezer to help keep your perishable food from spoiling.  
  • Check on your neighbours to be sure they are safe.  
  • If you have a generator, remember to never use it indoors, in a garage or in an enclosed porch. Check that it’s well ventilated and running properly. 
To be without electricity for an extended period is a worst case scenario, but it’s best to be prepared just in case.