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Be Safe and Have Fun This Winter

Be Safe and Have Fun This Winter
Many people love being outdoors during the winter months – playing on their winter "toys", such as snowmobiles, ATV's, ice-fishing, ice skating or going on a ski trip. 

Here are some tips to help you enjoy winter fun, safely. 

  • Only operate ATVs and snowmobiles while sober – it’s the law. 
  • Ensure that your equipment is in good working order before heading out. 
  • Be sure to operate snowmobiles and ATVs within your abilities and avoid risky behaviour. 
  • Let friends or family know where you’ll be, who you’re with and the time you expect to return. 
  • Be aware of changing ice conditions, especially when temperatures are rising.
  • Travel with a fully charged cell phone and keep an emergency and first aid kit nearby. 
  • Be aware of possible changes in the weather and dress appropriately.
  • Drive according to the road conditions, rather than the posted speed limit. 
  • Do a quick review of your insurance policies to make sure you’re properly covered. 
  • If you’re traveling out of province for your winter adventure – yes, you need travel medical insurance. 

Have fun and enjoy the winter… safely!