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Don't Let Road Rage Affect You

Don't Let Road Rage Affect You
It’s hot, you’re running late, someone is tailgating you and you’re stuck behind possibly the slowest tractor in Essex County! Arg!

It’s a fact: Incidences of road rage increase as the summer heats up. Hot weather, construction backups, slow-moving farm equipment, cyclists, erratic drivers can make tempers flare. 

Don’t let road rage affect you

  • Realize that traffic conditions and other driver’s poor behaviour is beyond your control
  • Give erratic drivers all the room they need to behave badly
  • Do not make eye contact, honk, or use hand gestures with bad drivers
  • Be courteous and set an example - use turn signals, don’t tailgate and practice patience while on the road.
  • Remind yourself that this feeling will pass.
Focus on the road and think of the good things in your life.

Drive safe Windsor - Essex!