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Foreign Hospitalization – What You Need to Know

Foreign Hospitalization – What You Need to Know
Escaping the cold Windsor – Essex County winter? Have you planned a trip to a “hot spot” such as Mexico?

According to our travel medical insurance partners, there has been an increase in complaints for those requiring medical care while in Mexico – and similar problems with other tropical destinations. 

The Government of Ontario STRONGLY recommends travel medical insurance for all those traveling, at any time, outside of the province. 

Ontarians travelling abroad are always encouraged to purchase the appropriate travel insurance coverage in the event emergency health and doctor services are needed out of country.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) only covers emergency health services at very limited rates. For example, an outpatient visit to a U.S. emergency room may cost thousands of dollars for the duration of your care, however OHIP will only reimburse up to a total of $50.00 CDN per day for this service regardless of the severity of the situation. (1)

Here are a few things to be aware of: 

Your credit card or workplace coverage may not be adequate

Don’t risk your financial future by relying on general coverage offered by either your credit card or workplace employee benefits plan. Even the Government of Canada recommends purchasing the best travel insurance package you can afford. (2)

Emergency medical care is neither consistent nor inexpensive

Sure, you may be able to buy a beer on the beach for two bucks, but some deals you find on vacation don’t necessarily translate to emergency medical care. Our travel medical insurance partner reports that in some cases hospitalization in Mexico costs the same as it would in the US! 

Share your travel insurance with your travel companion

An emergency situation may arise where you are unable to contact your travel insurance provider. Your companion can help ensure that you receive the best care possible and the financial security offered by your coverage by simply knowing who to contact.

In the event of a medical emergency, contact your insurance provider first

Your hotel or excursion operator may be able to help you find emergency medical care should the situation arise while away, but if it's possible, contact your travel medical insurance provider first. Quality travel insurance providers have language specialists who can communicate effectively with those responsible for your care. Furthermore, the team can help ensure that all the required paperwork is completed properly – helping to expedite your claim. Share your travel medical documents with your travel companions

Direct billing may not be an option

Hospital billing practices vary not only between countries, but also within a country. Many hospitals require a deposit before treatment occurs. When possible, your travel medical insurance provider will set up direct billing, but be mindful that this is not always an allowable practice. Be prepared with either a cash or credit card deposit, for which you can be reimbursed for your eligible related medical expenses.

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Safe travels!