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It's Time to Clean Your Eavestroughs

It's Time to Clean Your Eavestroughs
Eavestroughs are a critical part to maintaining your home. Eaves protect your roof, walls, foundation, sidewalks and landscaping. Neglected eaves can fill with debris, water and ice which can result in serious interior and exterior problems such as:  

  • Damage to the roof system (shingles and plywood) 
  • Wall damage 
  • Attic problems 
  • Damage to the eaves themselves 
These problems can result in expensive and time-consuming problems such as water damage, rot, damaged insulation, leaks, mould and increased likelihood of pest infestations. When rain gutters are neglected, water can’t flow properly out of the downspouts and away from your home. This may cause: 

  • Foundation problems - shifting and cracks 
  • Water entering the basement or crawlspace 
  • Damaged landscaping 
  • Shifting concrete or walkways 
  • Wood decks to rot faster 
Depending on the number of trees in your area, your home’s eavestroughs should be cleaned twice yearly – spring and fall. If your home’s eaves are protected with leaf guards, dirt and smaller particles can still enter, clog the trough and cause damage. It’s recommended inspect the eaves and guards every two years and you may need to call a professional for a cleaning. 

It’s also important to check that the downspouts are clear of debris. Blocked downspouts can cause water to back up and ultimately cause unnecessary damage to your home. 

Before cleaning your eaves, please remember “safety first”! Use a long enough, study and well-balanced ladder and enlist a buddy to help with the task. Remember to never lean the ladder on the eaves themselves as they may collapse, detach or bend. 

If you decide to hire a professional for the job, ensure that the company has liability insurance in case of injury. 

Like other home maintenance jobs, it’s important to remember… 

Eavestrough maintenance is measured in pennies - but the repairs are measured in dollars!