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November is National Community Safety and Crime Prevention Month

November is National Community Safety and Crime Prevention Month
Have you become a little relaxed about home and neighbourhood security over time? What are you doing to help keep your community safe? 

There are actions we can take to help protect ourselves, our homes and our neighbourhoods.  

First of all, be observant and aware: report suspicious behaviour as it occurs. If there is an injury or a crime in process, call 911. Report a crime to your local police department or anonymously to Crime Stoppers. 

Protect your home and neighbourhood  

While many of these tips are common sense, it’s better to be proactive to help prevent crime than reactive once it has occurred. 

  • Don’t hide spare house keys outdoors, instead, leave a set with a trusted neighbour. 
  • If you’re going to be away, set timers on your interior and exterior lights to give the illusion that someone is home. 
  • Never share your travel plans on social media. 
  • Be sure your landscaping doesn’t provide a place for a burglar to hide. 
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to house-sit when you are away, and ask that they don’t share your travel plans with anyone. 
  • Keep your garage door closed and sheds or outbuildings locked up. 
  • Always lock your vehicle and never leave valuables in it. 
  • Be out and visible in your neighbourhood. Check in and visit neighbours. Encourage them to be proactive with crime prevention. 
This month is also a good time to remind the seniors in your life that it's okay to say, "no thanks". Whether if they are uncomfortable giving out their private information while making a purchase, dealing with a telemarketer, or feel pressured by a door-to-door interaction: it's okay to say, "no". 

A happy neighbourhood is a safe neighbourhood! Do your part in protecting yourself and your community.