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Spring Home Exterior Maintenance Checklist

Spring Home Exterior Maintenance Checklist

Even though our winter in Windsor - Essex County wasn't the worst we've experienced lately, we’re all itching to get outside: to clean up the mess winter left behind, work on our lawns and gardens and just to enjoy the outdoors.

Early spring is the perfect time to look for and repair damage that might have been done to your home over the long winter months. Here are some considerations.


  • Look for and replace any missing or worn shingles
  • Check that the seals around vents and chimneys are still impenetrable
  • Ensure that your eaves and downspouts are still straight, debris-free and are draining properly

Windows and doors

  • Look for rotted or damaged wood around windows and doorframes - repair and replace as needed before the heavy spring rains come
  • Check that the caulking is in good shape and repair or replace if it has come loose or dried out over the winter
  • Look at your window and door screens for holes and repair as needed


  • Make sure that vents are well sealed and free of debris

Driveway, patio and decks

  • Check for signs of heaved patio blocks and pavers: repair and replace as necessary - they may be a tripping hazard.
  • Replaced any wood that appears rotted on decks and steps
  • Ensure that handrails are still tightly affixed


  • Check that downspouts are draining well away from your foundation
  • Look for low areas around your foundation where water might sit and add fill to these low areas

Although it might take some time to complete the spring checklist for the exterior of your home, being proactive about your home’s maintenance could save you huge hassles and thousands of dollars.