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Thieves Are Breaking into Homes to Steal Vehicles

Thieves Are Breaking into Homes to Steal Vehicles
Auto theft-related home break-ins are becoming increasingly common, and it is crucial for homeowners to take measures to protect their vehicles, homes, and themselves. Here are some important tips to help safeguard your home and vehicle.

First and foremost, homeowners should ensure that all doors and windows in their homes are locked securely. This may seem obvious, but many thefts occur because homeowners overlook this basic step.

Installing lights and surveillance cameras on the exterior of the home can also deter potential thieves. Well-lit areas and visible security cameras make it less likely for criminals to target a property.

Keys should always be stored away from doors and windows, where they are not visible to outsiders. An additional precaution is to keep keys in an aluminum or metal box to prevent thieves from easily detecting them.

Never leave keys in the car or the car running unattended, as this is an open invitation for theft.

When parking a vehicle, be mindful of where and how it is parked. Parking directly behind another vehicle, particularly one that is at higher risk of theft, can make it more challenging for thieves to remove the car from the driveway. Consider parking in a locked garage, as this provides the highest level of security.

Installing a data port lock in the vehicle can also prevent thieves from bypassing and reprogramming the vehicle. These locks encase the key diagnostics port, making it difficult for criminals to access it.

Another recommended security measure is to install a vehicle anti-theft recovery system, such as Tag. These systems utilize secure, anti-jamming technology that is difficult for thieves to intercept.

Lastly, using a steering wheel lock acts as both a deterrent and makes it more difficult for thieves to steal the vehicle. This additional layer of security can help protect valuable cars from being stolen.

In the event of a break-in or auto theft, homeowners and drivers should never approach the criminal. Instead, they should immediately call 911 and allow law enforcement to handle the situation.

By following these tips, homeowners can protect their vehicles, homes, and personal safety.

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