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Could You Make This Potentially Life Saving Change?

Could You Make This Potentially Life Saving Change?
Do you remember when you first received your driver’s license? Likely you drove hyper-aware of your surroundings at all times. 

Over the years, driving becomes such an ingrained habit. After a few years of experience, we become less focused and spend our driving time making mental lists, singing along with the radio or chatting on our hands-free device.  

How many times have you cruised right past the turn you were supposed to take and missed it because it wasn’t part of your daily driving routine?

It happens when driving becomes a routine habit. Across all of Canada, there are far too many motorcycle accidents and fatalities – devastating families and ruining lives. 

If you could save a life, just by “thinking”… would you? 

When on the road today, start to develop the habit of “thinking of motorcycles first” every time you:  

  • Approach an intersection 
  • Are in an area of heavy traffic 
  • Change lanes 
  • Use the turn signal 
Thinking of motorcycles first for just a few moments during your drive could potentially save a life and a lifetime of regret – so easy to do and worthy of becoming a habit. 

 Drive safe.