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COVID-19 Related Scams – Spread the Word

COVID-19 Related Scams – Spread the Word
As our world changes, fraudsters adjust their methods. Please speak with your loved ones, particularly the most vulnerable people in your life about the scams. Be aware of phone calls, texts or emails from people: 

  • Claiming to be from the government or healthcare sector asking for personal or banking information. 
  • Offering medical advice and requesting immediate action or payment.  
  • Threatening to turn off any services for non-payment and requesting funds. 
  • Representing a charity, requesting a donation. 
Furthermore, be aware of online scams which may offer, virus testing centres, miracle cures, herbal remedies or vaccinations. Fraudsters are also posing as: 

  • Cleaning or heating companies 
  • Duct cleaning services or filters to protect from COVID-19 
  • COVID-19 air filters or household decontamination services 
  • Hydro or other utility companies

Never give out any personal information including credit cards or banking information, health card or social insurance number. 

Never give money upfront for any goods or services and do your research to ensure the company or the offer is legitimate.

When in doubt speak to a trusted friend or family member. Don’t be afraid to say no, and hang up!

Knowledge is power! Be sure everyone in your life is aware of these scams.