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First Time Home Buyers and House Insurance

First Time Home Buyers and House Insurance
We’re so pleased when first time home buyers choose us to quote insurance for their first house. We make it a priority to thoroughly review all aspects of house insurance to ensure the buyers feel not only comfortable with their choice, but also educated and confident.

In order to obtain a mortgage, a buyer must have a house insurance policy in place, and with the fast-moving market in Windsor – Essex County, this often means moving quickly. There are four topics every purchaser will need to answer to help secure coverage in a timely manner:


How old is the roof on the home? Is it a single or double layer of shingles? Any signs of leaking?


When was the electrical system last updated? Is it all copper wiring? Any knob & tube wiring? The older the home, the more important this question becomes.


What type of heating system is in the home? How old is the furnace? What about the age of the hot water tank?


What type of plumbing is in the home? When was it last updated? 

Any documentation the seller can provide to the purchaser supporting the information above is very helpful to obtain. It’s important to understand that house insurance can be a very complicated product, and unfortunately, many don’t know if they have “good” coverage until they need to make a claim… and often that’s too late!

We work in close communication with new homeowners to help them through the house insurance process, and in the event of a claim, we’re here to help us well.

It’s what we do! 

If we can help you out with your first house insurance policy, or if you just have some questions, please reach out to us: 519-736-8228 or email: