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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Warmer Weather

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Warmer Weather
Now is the perfect time to ready your vehicle for warmer weather. If you’re handy and comfortable working on cars, many of these things you can do yourself. For the more technical aspects, you will likely want to take your car in for a maintenance checkup. 

  • Brakes - Winter road grime and salt can result in corrosion of your brakes. If your car pulls to one side, if you hear grinding or squealing sounds, or if your brake pedal feels soft - you’ll want your brakes checked.
  • Check tire tread, air pressure and rotate the tires.
  • Check belts and hoses - The heat of your car warming up and cooling down during the cold winter months can leave your belts and hoses dry and cracked.
  • Starting mechanisms - The cold temperatures of the winter can be tough on your vehicle's starting mechanisms - Check that the battery, alternator and the starter are in good working order.
  • Check and replace wiper blades - Don’t forget the rear wiper blades on your vehicle as well.
  • Top off all fluids and change the oil. 
Keeping your car in great shape not only helps improve its performance, saving you time and money, but also helps with resale value. Take the time to get your vehicle ready for warmer weather.