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Grinch-Proof Your Holidays

Grinch-Proof Your Holidays
It’s a wonderful time of year! Holiday parties, time with family, friends and finding the perfect gifts for the special people in your life! 

Beware of the Grinches looking to ruin your holiday fun! These no-good-doers may be lurking outside your home, at your favourite local stores or trolling on social media looking for easy targets! 

Here are some tips to help you Grinch-proof your holidays:  
  • Keep your holiday plans off of social media – Sure it’s fun to post pictures of you out and about celebrating the season, but broadcasting your whereabouts can make your home vulnerable to Grinches! 
  • Keep your plans and location off of social media, or post after the fun. 
  • Secure your home – Be sure your home is locked and the exterior is well lit. Dark homes are inviting to Grinches looking to steal your possessions.While interior lights should be on, be sure blinds and drapes are closed. 
  • Don’t leave items in your vehicle – Whether your vehicle is locked or not, Grinches are out there looking in windows for a fast and easy windfall. 
  • Keep valuables and gifts out of sight – Oh! How convenient! All your valuable and thoughtful gifts piled in once handy location under the Christmas Tree! If you’re out and your inside tree is lit, it’s like a beacon welcoming thieving Grinches! How does your home look from the outside in?
  • Plan ahead if travelling – If possible, try to arrange for a house sitter. If not, be sure someone is picking up your mail and newspapers, shoveling the drive and walk-ways. 
  • Keep the exterior of your home well lit, use timers for interior lights and ask your trusty neighbours to keep an extra eye on your home. 

While no one expects a Grinch to ruin their merriment, it’s best to be prepared. Enjoy the holidays!