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How to File an Insurance Claim

How to File an Insurance Claim
If you ever need to submit an insurance claim, it’s important to remember two points: 

  1. The more thorough the information sent to your insurance professional, the better.
  2. The faster you’re able to submit the information, the faster the claim process can begin. 

Here’s a list of information necessary to file an insurance claim; 

  • Your complete contact information 
  • Your insurance company and policy number as related to the claim you are submitting (auto or home policy numbers as example) 
  • The date, time and location where the incident occurred 
  • The police report if available, including the officer’s name and badge number
  • The policy number and insurance company of the other driver (if an auto claim) 
  • A thorough description of the event pertaining to the claim 
  • A complete description of the loss or damage 
  • Any photographic or video evidence of the event, loss or damage 
  • The names and contact information of any other involved persons or witnesses (such as when involved in an automobile accident) 
  • A description of any injuries as well as the names and contact information for all involved persons 
  • Any receipts or statements related to the claim (such as needing to rent a car)

When it comes to your insurance and choosing an insurance professional, it’s advantageous to work with an active insurance professional: someone you can speak with immediately, in person to help you through the process – someone who truly has your best interests in mind. 

That’s why we’re here for you at Gibb Insurance Brokers. 

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