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It's Important to Keep in Contact with Your Insurance Broker

It's Important to Keep in Contact with Your Insurance Broker
Your insurance needs might be changing, or perhaps you've had a ticket, or your last claim or accident was several years ago... whatever the case, you need to keep in contact your insurance broker for the best rates and coverage.


When an insurance broker searches for the best coverage, they choose the company that provides the customer with the best price and coverage combination based on that person's current ‘insurance profile’. 

So if a person had 2 speeding tickets, or a recent accident, or lived in downtown Toronto... their insurance broker would choose the company that has the most competitive rate for a person with 2 speeding tickets; a recent accident; or who live in downtown Toronto. 

Let's fast forward to 5 years later and this person is still with the same company that provided the best option 5 years ago…

  • Although this company was the best option for a driver with 2 tickets on their record, this company might not the best rates for someone with a clear record.  
  • Consider the customer who had an accident 5 years ago but now has a clear driving record, there are insurance companies with more competitive rates. 
  • Or the couple who lived in downtown Toronto has moved to Essex and the carrier that had good rates for Toronto, but lousy rates for Amherstburg. 
Keeping in regular contact with your insurance broker helps to ensure that you are getting the best price and the best coverage for your specific insurance needs. We’re here to help. Please feel free to give us a call for a quote - 519-736-8228