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Keep Your Social Plans Off Social Media

Keep Your Social Plans Off Social Media
We are all enjoying the re-opening of Ontario; hitting patios, enjoying summertime outdoor activities and heading away to cottages. During this time, we'd like to remind you to keep your social and travel plans off social media. It's an easy way to let potential thieves and vandals know your home is vulnerable. 

While you might be diligent with your privacy settings on your social accounts, the actual privacy is limited to only your account; If your friend’s social accounts are vulnerable, your social postings may be seen by those with bad intentions.

Yes, it’s fun to “check in” to places and share your adventures and vacation with friends and family. It’s great to look back over time to see the places you’ve been and memories you made - but consider the risks and potential implications. 

Keep your social outings and travel adventures off of social media.

  • If you’re away with other people, ask them to not post photos of you or ‘tag’ you or your location on social media.
  • If you’d like to keep your vacation memories on social media, (on Facebook, as example) post to 'Only Me' while away. When you arrive safely home, you can change the settings and then share with friends and family. 
  • Change your social media passwords monthly to help keep your account secure.
We hope you enjoy this time, safely!