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Know Before You Need To - Accident in the States

Know Before You Need To - Accident in the States
Whether shopping, dining, doing a quick airport run, or enjoying a vacation, we in Windsor – Essex County cross the border more often than those in other areas of Canada. 

What if you’re in a car accident? How do you make a claim? How do you arrange for repairs?

How do I make an insurance claim when involved in an accident in the states?
The first step is to get all the information from the other involved driver. You will absolutely require:  

  • The other driver’s insurance card 
  • The other driver’s ownership slip  
  • The other driver’s license
Photos and police reports will also be very helpful in expediting your claim and initiating the repair process.

The next step is to contact your insurance company, keeping in mind that you may need to contact their emergency claims number if outside of business hours. Check your insurance card for their number. 

Will my car be repaired in the States?

… It depends… You can have your car repaired in the US if it absolutely needs it, but if the repairs can wait until your return to Canada, it may be best to wait, as your insurance company likely works with preferred repair shops. 

Keep in mind that if the repairs are performed in the States, your insurer may not guarantee the work done. Furthermore, if additional repairs are required, it would be best to use the same shop. 

Also, it is extremely unlikely that your insurance company will pay to have your car towed back to Canada.

Will I have the same coverage in the States as I do in Canada? 

Very likely, yes. For example, if you have coverage for a rental vehicle during a repair, you should still have this while repairs are completed in the states. 

Also likely is that you can pay the deductible directly to the repair facility, just as you would in Canada. However, the repair shop may not be willing to wait for a foreign cheque from a Canadian insurance company and may require you to pay in full, requiring you to pay the full amount to the shop and you to be paid directly from the insurance company at a later time. 

Coverage and the claims process vary between insurance companies. It’s extremely important if involved in an accident in the States to contact your insurance company and to follow their instructions to ensure you get the full benefits of your insurance coverage. 

And as a final consideration… Be sure you’re covered in the event of an out-of-province medical emergency! It’s quick and affordable to get a travel insurance policy online, anytime with Gibb Insurance Brokers.

If you have questions about your car insurance policy, please reach out to us: 519-736-8228