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Lending or Borrowing a Car Insurance Considerations

Lending or Borrowing a Car Insurance Considerations
One of the most commonly asked questions to insurance professionals is regarding lending and/or borrowing a vehicle.  

It's important to note that every situation is different when lending or borrowing a car, so be sure to talk to your insurance provider if any of the examples and questions below seem to apply to you.... And if your insurance provider is difficult to contact, then maybe it's time for a change and you should be dealing with Gibb Insurance!  

I’m thrilled my grandson found a part-time after school job delivering pizzas. Usually, he borrows his mom’s car for work, which he is insured on as a secondary driver, but occasionally his schedule conflicts with hers and I let him borrow my car a couple times a month. Should I have him insured on my car as well? 

My brother has never owned a car or had car insurance, although he does have a driver’s license. When I travel for work, I usually leave my car with to him to use. I travel every three months for 4 to 5 days at a time. Is my brother covered under my insurance policy?  

My nephew’s pickup truck breaks down often - about 3 times a month, so I lend him my car to get to work. He has his own policy on his pickup, but should I add him as a secondary driver on my car? 

My friend is visiting from England for a month. He has an international driver’s license and would like to borrow my car while I’m at work. Is he automatically insured under my policy?  

My friend is afraid to drive in the States. When we shop stateside I usually drive her car. I have a good driving record, my own car and my own insurance - am I okay to drive her car in the States occasionally? 

My son has own business and a commercial vehicle (he delivers auto-parts locally). Sometimes he’s so busy that his wife helps out and she uses his truck while he borrows my SUV. Is he insured while driving my vehicle? 

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