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Modifications or Upgrades to Your Vehicle May Affect Your Insurance

Modifications or Upgrades to Your Vehicle May Affect Your Insurance
If you’ve modified your vehicle for aesthetic, accessibility or performance purposes, these changes may impact your insurance premiums and coverage.

A modification can be defined as an improvement which affects the value or the cost to repair your vehicle.

A few modification examples include: 

  • Engine or performance-enhancing updates 
  • Custom paintwork, bodywork or interior upgrades 
  • Accessibility upgrades such as hand brakes, wheelchair ramp, lift or customized seating
These modifications affect your insurance in three ways, as they: 

1) Increase the value or cost to repair your vehicle
2) Make your vehicle more attractive to thieves
3) May result in more severe accidents

While your insurer may cover some basic updates such as bike or ski racks, rims, tow bars, alarm or stereo systems and even safety improvements, these may still result in higher insurance premiums – and this varies between individual insurance companies. 

It’s important to note that upgrades which affect the safety of your vehicle (such as enhanced suspension) or are deemed illegal, (such as nitrous oxide, under-body lighting or extremely dark window tinting) may result in a loss of coverage from your insurer. 

The best advice when it comes to your existing or future improvements to your car, truck or SUV is to speak with your insurance professional, to ensure you don’t have costly gaps in your coverage. 

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