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No Cost Methods to Save Money on Home Energy Bills

No Cost Methods to Save Money on Home Energy Bills
Energy rates have risen in Ontario, and while we enjoy more moderate weather here in Windsor and Essex County compared to most of the province, many are feeling the pinch financially. 

We’ve compiled some suggestions on ways to save money on your home energy bills this winter which are easy and no cost to you. 

  • Let the sun heat your home. Open the drapes on sunny days to help warm your home and close them after sunset to help insulate the windows from the cold night air. 
  • Wood burning fireplaces can drain the heat from your home. When not in use, be certain the damper is completely closed and if you rarely use your traditional fireplace, consider blocking the front of the fireplace with a well-fitted piece of insulation. 
  • You are more likely to experience cold air and drafts near the exterior walls of your home. Consider moving furniture towards to interior, so you’re not relaxing in a cold, drafty area. 
  • Turning down your thermostat by one degree can save money every month. Encourage family members to “get cozy” this winter by wearing extra layers of clothing in the house.
  • Be conscious of energy use when cooking. (Examples: Use a microwave to reheat dinners rather than leaving warm in the oven. Cook several meals at once to more efficiently use energy. Use an electric kettle to boil water rather than a stovetop kettle.) 
  • Unplug your garage beer fridge – it’s not worth to have it running just for a few cold drinks which can easily be iced down in a couple of hours when needed. 
  • Check that the insulation in the access to your attic is in the proper place to help prevent heat loss. 

Challenge your family to be energy conscious 

  • Turn off lights when rooms are not in use. 
  • Be mindful and limit the running of bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. 
  • Do only full loads in the washer, dishwasher and dryer and be sure your lint trap is cleaned to help improve efficiency. 
  • When doing a load of laundry, use the cold water wash cycle. 
  • Shortened showers can save on water consumption and the expense of heating water. 
  • Put your computer and devices to sleep or shut completely down when not in use. 
  • Be aware of electronics which “leak energy” even when not in use. Consider plugging all electronics and chargers into a power bar which can easily be turned off and on as needed. 
If you have any other energy saving tips, please share your idea on our Facebook page.