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Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Protect Your Home While on Vacation
Are you planning a vacation this winter? Then you know there are a lot of details involved: airline tickets, hotel and rental car reservations, packing and fun activities to schedule. 

With so much preparation to be done, it’s easy to overlook protecting your home while away.  

We’d like to offer you some reminders to help you feel secure that your home is safe while you’re away.  

Do you know that many home insurance policies contain language that makes it mandatory for you to have a responsible person checking on your home while you’re away? Consider: 

Arranging for assistance: 
  • A house/pet/plant sitter. 
  • Someone to shovel your sidewalks and drive. 
  • Someone to pick up your mail, newspaper and flyers. 
  • Someone to check on the inside of your home if there is a heavy rain, fast thaw, windstorm or extremely cold weather. Be certain to leave them your contact information. 
  • Someone to put out and bring in garbage cans and recycling bins. 
A week before you leave: 
  • Store valuable documents and jewelry in a safe deposit box. 
  • Add and test timers on a few lamps and a radio. 
  • Does it appear and sound from the outside of your home that someone may be inside? 
  • Make a video of everything you’re taking on your vacation. 
  • Let your alarm company and trustworthy neighbours know that you’ll be away and to report any suspicious activity. 
  • Purchase travel medical insurance if you’re going to be out the province. 
Just before you leave: 
  • Turn off or unplug electrical appliances, especially those prone to electrical surges.
  • Turn the ringer and answering machine down on your phone. Burglars have been known to call a home they’re standing outside to help determine if anyone is home. 
  • Double check that all doors and windows are locked. If you leave a key hidden outside your home, bring it in - burglars look for those too! 
  • Empty your fridge and pantry of perishable items. 
  • Take out the garbage or leave it in the garage or shed. 
  • Turn down your thermostat. 
  • Shut off your water. 

A little extra effort can go a long way to providing you peace of mind while you’re enjoying your getaway. Remember to never post your vacation plans on social media, and refrain from posting pictures or updates until you return.

Have fun, be safe and most all... enjoy!