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Protecting Your Small Business

Protecting Your Small Business
A slip and fall accident could be financially devastating for a business owner.

Customer slip and fall accidents are the most common type of liability claim. Consider your business from the perspective of the customer…

  • Are the exterior parking areas and walkways well lit, level and free from standing or occasional water?
  • How is the drainage around your business? Are there areas prone to ice accumulation?
  • Are the handrails secure?
  • Are the walkways clear and wide enough for two people?
  • Are there tripping hazards inside your business? Slick glazed floors, carpet in need of repair or poorly marked walkway transition areas?
Here are some recommendations from Traveler’s Insurance.

Creating a Safe Passage

  • Routine inspection and maintenance should be a regular part of your safety program to help prevent falls for both your visitors and employees.
  • Design your entrances and walkways to accommodate the expected volume of foot traffic through your business.
  • Conduct periodic walkthrough surveys of your premises to help ensure your property is kept in safe conditionEnsure all walkways are properly lit.
  • Maintain all flooring surfaces at all timesUse slip-resistant floor treatments, especially in areas proven to be wet.
  • Apply floor treatments to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Use “wet floor” signs to warn of known hazards.
  • Schedule maintenance of floor surfaces during times of low traffic.
  • Have spill cleanup supplies readily available.
  • Ensure that entry areas are properly maintained and any mats are secured.
  • Promptly investigate incidents, and document findings if an accident and/or injury occurs.
To be best prepared for an unfortunate incident, create a business system and share the process of handling accidents with all employees, as an example:

  • Remain calm and determine if emergency help is necessary.
  • Record all contact information from the injured as well as all the witnesses.
  • Take photographs and videos of the area.
  • Document or video record statements from the injured and the witnesses.
The better your business is prepared for unfortunate events, the less likely they are to occur.

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