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Quick Travel Tip

Quick Travel Tip
When travelling keeping your travel documents organized can be a challenge. With many paperless options today such as a smartphone app which you scan as your flight boarding pass, car rental and hotel confirmations via email; travel today often relies on your smartphone. 

But what if you can’t find the email? 
What if you can’t get an internet connection when you need to access these documents?
What if you misplace the traditional paper confirmations?

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Immediately print a paper version of all travel confirmations and while travelling keep this paperwork with your passport.
  • Take ‘screen capture’ shots with your smartphone of all your email correspondence regarding hotel, car and flight confirmations. That way if you misplace your travel documents or are unable to access your email, you’ll have the images saved in your smart phone’s camera.
Taking a little extra time to be redundant with your travel plans can save you time and help you avoid stressful travel situations.

Also - always remember when travelling outside of Ontario to have travel medical insurance. Even the Government of Canada strongly recommends this supplemental insurance. 

Print a blank copy of the claim form with related phone numbers with your travel documents (it may need to be signed by the doctor you see out of province), and save a copy in your email to be accessed if needed.

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