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Simple Money Saving Home Maintenance Tip

Simple Money Saving Home Maintenance Tip
We all know that here in Windsor and Essex county, we bake in the summer heat and freeze in the winter cold. The extreme temperature swings that we experience can be hard on the exterior of our homes.  

Are there drafts near the exterior doors or your home? Can you see light coming in from the sides of your doorways? 

The weatherstripping around exterior doors that keep out rain, heat and cold can become brittle, lose their shape and crack over time - especially if directly in the afternoon sun or with frequent use. Changing these exterior door seals is a quick and cost-efficient way to lower your energy bills and keep your home free from water damage.

Consider that for a typically sized exterior door, a quarter-inch crack can leak the same amount of air as a nine square inch hole in the wall! 

All that’s needed to remove the old existing seals is a pair of pliers and elbow grease. Installing new seals can be done in about 15 minutes with new weather stripping, scissors, a measuring tape and a staple gun or recommended adhesive. 

Take a few minutes today to check the rubber or foam seals around your exterior doors and set aside time to install new weather stripping if necessary.