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Slow Down and Move Over

Slow Down and Move Over
The "Move Over Law" requires vehicles to slow down and move over when passing emergency vehicles that are stopped on the side of the road. This law helps to ensure safety for our emergency workers and requires all drivers to slow down and if possible move away from the stopped emergency vehicle, when safe to do so. 

In June 2000, OPP Sgt. Margaret Eve was killed when her cruiser was struck by a transport truck while she was stopped on the side of the 401 new Chatham. The "Move Over Law" was enacted in 2003 and the OPP issues more than 11,000 tickets within the first 10 years of the law.  

The OPP are reminding all drivers of this important law, and if in violation, that reminder may come in the form of a hefty fine and demerit points: fines range $400 to $2,000 and up to 3 demerit points.  

Please share the importance of the "Move Over Law" with all the drivers in your life.