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What to Do - Hit and Run Accidents

What to Do - Hit and Run Accidents
As for any potential insurance claim, it’s important to carefully document as many details as possible. This is especially challenging in a ‘hit and run’ situation when the driver has left the scene! 

Here are some tips to help in the event of a hit and run accident: 

  • Call the police and your insurance broker as soon as possible.  
  • If possible, get as much information about the offending vehicle as possible, including: License plate number, make, model, color and any additional identifying features of the other vehicle 
  • Potential damage to the other vehicle 
  • The direction the other vehicle was headed 
  • Location of the accident and approximate time 
  • Photos of the damage to your vehicle 
If you don’t see the offending vehicle:  

  • Seek out witnesses immediately 
  • Ask witnesses for their name and contact information for a police report and insurance claim 
  • Have them describe what they saw (if you have video capabilities on your mobile phone, record it) 
If you don’t see the offending vehicle and can’t find witnesses: 

  • Ask local businesses if they have cameras that may have recorded the accident 
  • Carefully document the damage to your vehicle 
  • Take pictures of the damage and wait for the police 
  • Remember to never follow or engage with the fleeing driver, as it could be dangerous, you may miss out on witnesses and the police may question who is truly at fault.  
Dealing with a hit and run accident can be stressful, time-consuming and costly. Please take a few minutes to share this information with the drivers in your life.