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Winter Driving Reminder

Winter Driving Reminder
Blowing snow, icy roads, salt trucks roaring past and white out conditions are just some of the challenges we face driving during winter. 

According to the Ontario Provincial Police, poor driving behaviour – not poor weather or road conditions — is the primary contributing factor in many single and multi-vehicle crashes during the winter months.

OPP deputy commissioner Brad Blair, provincial commander of Traffic Safety and Operational Support, states:  

“During the winter months, the way people drive needs to be very different than the way they drive the rest of year. If every driver makes this critical change this winter, we will not have another chaotic winter that ends with a staggering number of collisions and the associated injuries and deaths.”  

This means that many accidents can only be avoided if we make an effort to adjust our driving habits according to road conditions. This is particularly important with young, or inexperienced drivers.

Please drive safely!