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Winter Tires? Insurance Discount

Winter Tires? Insurance Discount
Did you know that drivers in Ontario who have approved winter tires on their vehicle are eligible for an insurance discount?

The discount is more about safety than significant savings as winter tires are proven to have better traction and improved handling during our Ontario winters. Although winter tire use isn't common to us in Essex County, even as close as London, they are an everyday traveling essential.

The amount of savings will vary between insurance companies, from 3% to 5% of your total auto insurance premium and may only apply to the collision portion of your premium. If you're paying the average insurance premium of $1,455 in Ontario, your savings may be about $70 a year. 

If you are renewing your policy later this year, it might be beneficial to you to call your broker regarding a possible mid-term discount. 

Need to know:

  • The tires must be certified as winter tires by Transport Canada and carry the Alpine Symbol
  • The months that the tires need to be on your car vary by the insurance company
  • The tires must be on all four wheels
  • All season radials do not qualify for a discount
  • While other proof of your winter tires may not be necessary, keep a copy of your purchase receipt with your insurance documents
If you use snow tires and would like to inquire about a discount, please give us a call: 519-736-8228