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Driving in Fog - Safety Reminders

Driving in Fog - Safety Reminders
It's the time of year when it's common to see a blanket of fog in the morning across Windsor and Essex County. Fog is one of the leading causes of car accidents. It limits our visibility and distorts our perception, resulting in dangerous driving conditions.  

In 1999, one of the largest car pile-ups in Ontario happened on the 401, just outside Windsor as a result of fog.  

Much like driving during severe winter weather, it's recommended that if you can avoid driving in the fog, then do so. If you have to head out and start your day in foggy conditions, here are some tips: 

  • Leave earlier
  • Take a familiar route
  • Use your fog lights or low beam headlights
  • High beams only reflect back to you in the fog
  • Be aware of vehicles in front of you and behind you
  • Be prepared to slow down or speed up in short notice 
  • In very dense fog, consider lowering a window to 'hear' approaching traffic
  • Avoid speeding up when conditions improve, as another patch of fog can be right around the corner. 
Please share these safety tips with young or inexperienced drivers. Drive safe Windsor - Essex!