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New Season, New Driving Challenges

New Season, New Driving Challenges
With the change from summer to fall comes new driving challenges for everyone in Windsor and Essex County. 

Please take a few minutes to be aware of the changes the new fall season brings and share these reminders with young or inexperienced drivers.  

  • Fog - Warm daytime temperatures and cool evenings often result in foggy mornings. Be sure to allow for extra time during foggy conditions. 
  • Farm Equipment - Harvest season is upon us across Essex County. Slow down and give the farmers the room necessary for them to operate their machinery safely. 
  • Wildlife - With the cooler temps, wildlife is on the move. Take extra caution while driving in the evening and early morning hours. 
  • Children - Whether getting off the bus or out enjoying the last of the warm weather; children are more distracted than ever with their use of mobile devices and headphones. 
Regardless of the time of year, please continue to drive with patience and caution, as only we as drivers can prevent avoidable accidents. 

Thank you.