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Road Rage and Summertime

Road Rage and Summertime
It’s finally summer and the heat is on in Windsor and Essex County! When the temperature rises be sure to keep your cool while on the road.

Maybe you’re running late, your AC is not working, you're stuck behind a slow-moving tractor, or the kids are driving you nuts – there are many reasons we can be upset while driving.  Even other drivers’ behaviours can set us off; tailgating, erratic driving or obvious signs of texting and driving.

It’s important to keep calm… It’s a fact: Incidences of road rage increase as the summer heats up, and it’s not safe to be driving with a hot head!

Don’t let road rage affect you.

  • Give yourself extra time, knowing that there might be traffic delays due to tractors, cyclists or construction
  • Understand that traffic conditions and other drivers’ poor behaviour is beyond your control
  • Give erratic drivers all the room they need to behave badly
  • Do not make eye contact, honk, or use hand gestures; it will only add fuel to a fire
  • Be courteous and set an example – use turn signals, don’t tailgate and practice patience while on the road.
  • If you’re feeling stressed or anger while on the road, take a breath and relax – feelings of anger or frustration shall pass.
Relax and enjoy the drive!